Tips and Tricks to Access "Blocked Sites"

When we online on an office network, using online public facilities, an collage wi-fi, etc, we sometimes can't open a site because those site has been blocked by an administrator. If you ever have this problem, don't be dissapointed. There are several ways to unlock and surf your favourite sites.

Below i will share a few ways that you can try to access a blocked sites:

1. Using IP address
If the application only used to block domain name only (ex : www.google.com), it can be done using the IP address of the site related to block, for example google: To find out an IP address from a site, we can try to ping those site. Firts, go to the command prompt and then klik (Start> Run> type: cmd> Enter) and type "ping situsname.com" > press enter. IP addres of related sites will be displayed.

2. Using Proxy in Browsers
There are so many free proxy that you can find on the internet. Some sites that you can use it for free:
Once you select a proxy from the sites above, configurate your browser to use the proxy.

3. Using the Short URL Service
Another possible way is to use url shortening services such as:

4. Using Online Archive and Cache
Some search engines such as Google and Yahoo keep a cache of a variety popular sites, so we still can see the contents of the site even though the original has been blocked or deleted. Click the link titled 'cached' then we'll be taken to a page from a search engine's cache (if it stored).

5. Using Anonymizer Service
When using anonymizer services, Your IP addresses and other information that you used will not be known to the sites you visit.
Most of this services are paid, but some are still available for free such as:

6. Using Online Translator
Famous online translator service that we can used such as :
Simply enter the URL of the blocked site and choose translation option into the language you want (or the same language).

7. Subscribe to RSS Feeds
This trick may not apply to the various sites, but if you want to visit sites that provide RSS syndication feature, (usually news sites and blogs), you can try to subscribe and read it with an RSS / Feed Reader.
Services RSS / Feed Reader that you can use either a desktop application (Feed Demon, Sharp Reader and Feed Reader ), web browser (Firefox, Opera, IE and others), using an additional extension (InfoRSS, Sage, and NewsFox), or using online application (Google Reader and Feed Show).

8. Subscribe Through Email
Best service for this features is http://www.mail2web.com/.
We can subscribe to our favorite websites via email. You can also subscribe to many sites at once and arranged it in a folders to make it more tidy. Every time a web page changes, Web2Mail will automatically send a new page to your email address. You can also set what and when it send an updates.
There is also RSSFWD service that will automatically turn RSS into email that will be sent to your.

9. Using Google Mobile Search
For the last, you can try using "Google mobile search", but usually the results are not maximal.

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