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The first thing that I do after I install a fresh copy of Windows is to get a good antivirus program in order to be safe from the malware that the further downloaded software might contain. However, just a simple antivirus program is not enough to have a complete protection against all the online threats out there. There are plenty of additional applications that can be used and one of is called SpyCatcher 4.5.1.

SpyCatcher 4.5.1 offers the extra protection you need for your computer that can be used along with an antivirus and a firewall. This application is very effective against malware such as spyware, worms, trojans, adware and other malicious files that could be installed in your system. The problem with this kind of malware is that they can get inside your system without you being aware of the problem. SpyCatcher features only one type of scan process, but the good thing is that it allows you to schedule it in order to automatically scan your PC. This feature is ideal for users who tend to forget to perform scans on a regular basis.

Of course, SpyCatcher offers other functions than just simply scanning the computer. For instance, the application provides you with special filters that enables you ti decide which applications you block and which not. Blocking certain programs depends on the software itself or on the developer. In addition, SpyCatcher is engaged in a continuous guard and it monitors the behavior of your system searching for actions that might by associated with spyware. Nevertheless, this is not always a good thing as it may be very annoying sometimes.

You will notice that from time SpyCatcher can be a little too protective. To give you clear example: while testing it the application attempted to block even my screenshot tool, thing which can be very irritating.

In spite of these minor drawbacks, SpyCatcher is really effective and easy to use as well. What surprised me was the fact that the program does not integrate many configuration options (which represent a must for me) though, it does include the Advanced tab where normally you can find the advanced options. In fact, there are very few options under the Advanced tab and they did not seem very advanced in my opinion.

Overall, SpyCatcher 4.5.1 can be an option if you want to have a full protection against malware like trojans, spyware, adware, worms. But, you still have to download a classic antivirus program in order to have that complete protection.

Download SpyCatcher 4.5.1 Here

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