Download Comic Collector Pro 5.2.1

Comic Collector Pro 5.2.1 is a program / application catalog database comic books from all over the world. Comic Collector can add a buddy like comics to the database quickly and easily. With the Add Multiple Comics feature you can also add entire series of comic books with just one easy action. Simply type the name of the comic series that you want to read, and Comic Collector will automatically download all data such as title, edition number, publisher, publication date, genre, credits, character, and the cover image. When finished adding a number of comic books and catalogs on the database, you can see all the comics that you have entered or add on the main screen. In addition you can also set the library with the comic series, publisher or writer, using the automatic folder feature.

All the comics list can be sorted simply by clicking on the column headers or by using the Sort Order screen. Comics can be sorted on any field, eg alphabetically on title or publisher, or sorted on release date or purchase date. Use the Quick Search feature to find all comics that contain the words you have typed, or use the Advanced Filter command to search for specific words, even a few words at once.

Comic Collector Pro 5.2.1 latest edition also includes a number of templates to format the print-outs. With a flexible XML / XSL-based template system, allowing you to create a personal layout. In addition to the Export to HTML feature you can generate HTML pages of comic book supplies to be used on the homepage or website.

Download Comic Collector Pro 5.2.1 Here

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