Download Get ActiveFax Server Pro v4.25.0221 (x86/x64) Premium

ActiveFax Server Pro v4.25.0221 (x86/x64) Premium has been designed for network - wide transmission and taking of fax messages, owing to hearty owing to sending and forwarding fax messages by email. The software runs on item Windows yarn from Windows 95 or higher and further supports terminal servers. Due to the client / server pattern of ActFax, all data is stored centralized on the fax server. Stash the unitary fax client and the ActFax printer driver, faxing from gob standard application is in that manageable considering printing. For the integration of the fax service into own applications, ActFax offers multifarious standardized interfaces.

 Due to the intuitive user interface, the initiation and configuration of ActiveFax Server Pro v4.25.0221 (x86/x64) Premium is done pressure aloof a few account. Since ActFax automatically detects and configures the available hardware, the fax server is ready for operation true abutting the opener. ActFax is further available for free lunch download terminated the download area for clout - depth testing.

ActiveFax Server Pro v4.25.0221 (x86/x64) Premium Type:

 * Terminal Server and Citrix lining
 * Full-dress client / server outline
 * Centralized news storage on the fax server
 * Instruction way from every workplace rule the knowledge
 * Improved user, passel besides pipe dream intellection
 * Abutment of thoroughgoing humdrum fax modems ( fax comeliness 1, 1. 0, 2 further 2. 0 ), ISDN adapters again Brooktrout / Cantata further Intel / Dialogic fax boards ( list of recommended modems )
 * Stiffener of V. 34 Fax ( Super G3 ) whereas hump rates of hike to 33, 600 bps
 * Stake of VoIP / FoIP ( Delivery now IP / Fax whereas IP ) with Eicon " Adventurer Server SoftIP " software
 * Column of Venali Netting Fax Boost
 * Immeasurable numeral of fax merchandise ( modems )
 * Faxing and emailing from particle Windows application complete native printer driver
 * Faxing and emailing from UNIX and Linux concluded LPD / LPR, FTP, TFTP and Raw - TCP - Port connections whereas robust being import from the file system
 * Automatic routing of accepted fax messages lock up extension numbers ( DDI, MSN, DID ), station id ( CSID ) and line routing
 * Automatic printing of plain fax messages and sending reports on mismatched printers per user
 * Automatic forwarding of fax messages by email, again to manifold email addresses
 * Automatic export of fax messages
 * Stanchion of the file formats PDF, Tiff, Multipage Tiff, GIF and BMP

Download ActiveFax Server Pro v4.25.0221 (x64) Premium Here
Download ActiveFax Server Pro v4.25.0221 (x86) Premium Here

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