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Media Player Classic is a very lightly used and is also very powerful play. In addition, there are so many file format options that you can play with this software. In short: this software is very flexible!

Many of the software that we can use to play multimedia files (audio-video) but not many who can really play various types of audio-video files (with many variants) well and also remains light when used. Well, if you are one person who is looking for software like that (can play many types of files with both light and run) then this software you can try.

If noted, the Media Player Classic is actually very similar to the older version of Windows Media Player (actually version 6.4) which is carried by the Windows OS time immemorial. Only, the MPC has advantages in its ability to play various files very easy and light.

Media Player Classic is able to integrate more options and features that can be found in other modern media players, including support for:

* MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 playback
* DirectShow, QuickTime and RealPlayer architectures
* Matroska and Ogg containers
* TV tuners

For those of you who want to be able to play various multimedia files with ease and not have to open lots of different software to play a lot of files with different formats, we think Media Player Classic is very suitable to be used, because in addition to free, support to a variety of different file formats do not need doubt about it.

Download Media Player Classic Here

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