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CrossLoop 2.81 is a screen-sharing software utility that is free and safe, designed for all levels of users. CrossLoop enhance the capabilities of conventional screen sharing by enabling non-technical users to get connected from anywhere on the Internet without the need to change firewall settings or router. It only takes a few minutes to configure and no registration required or sign-up process. Aka the safety factor has integrated security in all aspects of CrossLoop.

CrossLoop 2.81 provides a quick, easy and completely free of charge to friends, or other computer users can gain access to your computer. After installation, your computer will get the access code as much as 12-bit every time you run this software. Then you can give these numbers to other users to be able to share your desktop virtually. Once connected, users will have access to your computer.

Session data encrypted before it is transmitted using 128-bit encryption algorithm and code 12-bit random access. CrossLoop includes file transfer support, and switch control feature. Other users (guests) can use any application and save the file on the computer, as if they were sitting in front of your computer. No need for router configuration is a good additional value. As previously mentioned, the latest version of CrossLoop includes file transfer support, but the goal here is to maintain the collaboration capabilities. CrossLoop does not work without permission (explicit permissions) of the host.

Due to simplicity is one feature that superior on this software, CrossLoop minimal complex features. If no activity is carried out safely two minutes, CrossLoop will automatically disconnect from the remote computer. Although the interface design and simple features and impressive capabilities that are not high, CrossLoop offers a secure and fast method for the two users who wish to collaborate in a computer.

CrossLoop 2.81 adds a confirmation message (confirmation message) on each request Logout and Quit. Connection options to allow full viewer Viewer on the remote control sessions, and increase the speed of connection to Instant Share and Remote Access.

Download CrossLoop 2.81 Here

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