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Partition Wizard v5 There are many tools that can be used ranging from free, demo or trial until paid. The entire existing partitioning software certainly has its advantages and disadvantages of each. Among the many tools and software available, Partition Wizard is a free application that can be used in a disk partition to the fullest.
Actually Partition Wizard v5 has several versions, Home Edition, Professional Edition, Server Edition and Enterprise Edition. The first version is a free version, while the three last version not the free version because it is intended for professional scale, servers and large corporations. However, for personal use Partition Wizard Home Edition is more than enough to handle the computer you are currently using.
Now we try a free partitioning tool for Windows!

If you are a computer technician, to partition the website wizard is also provided ISO file (image) which you can burn onto a CD pieces that can be used to boot from DVD / CD Rom drive. In the ISO file is already equipped with utilities that are useful when making partitions using Partition Wizard Home Edition.

Note Partition Wizard v5 !

    * Although the software partition wizard is very power full if it is used to perform the partition, there is a good idea to backup important data first to avoid failures on the hard disk partitioning.
    * If a way can not be used on your computer, you can use softwalin like Easeus Partition Manager to partition the hard disk.

Download Partition Wizard v5 Here

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