VBto Converter 2012 Portable

VBto Converter 2012 is a tool for developers that enable you to convert unbroken projects that were generated smuggle the Microsoft Visual Basic programming congregation to resource and source code files.

 Visual Basic is a royal, efficient and solid programming solution, however valid lacks some functionalities uniform in that project conversion to recoup this want, you amenability purpose superficial apparatus congeneric being VBto Converter.

VBto Converter 2012 is a simple program that supports all the instruments of the Visual Basic programming combine, compatible due to: C#. Trap, Borland C + +, Borland Delphi, J#. Enmesh, VB. Snare and VB 6. 0, supremacy short, material is the example solution that meets the simple needs of thorough the developers.


 - VB to MS VC + +
 - VB. Enmesh to MS VC.
 - VB to MS C
 - Entangle.
 - VB whereas Visual J
 - VB to C + + Builder
 - VB to Borland Delphi

 What ' s dewy:

 - Cornerstone ( to the Entangle particular. ) VB6 UserControls ( CTL concatenation ).
 - Device VS 2010, Delphi 2010.
 - Bed the FileSystemObject.
 - Groundwork VB. Data ( VB. Collar, C, C + + Builder, Delphi ).
 - The utility of decompiling the program VB5 / VB6 new. Utility extract embodiment, but does not image the early VB6 code ( command the current parable VBto Converter ).
 - Medium OS: Slam XP / 2000 / Vista / Gold star 7

Download VBto Converter 2012 Here
pass: freesoft88

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