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A-Squared 4.5 is one of the best malware removers provided free of charge, but this software is not perfect and some users are still many questioning its efficacy.

The program begin with the detection of slow performance on the update file that requires you to restart the program. It takes approximately 10 minutes. After it was all over, from there you can run a scan, updating the program, access the of knowledge base of A-Squared, and choose among 20 display languages​​.

Program choice of are arranged on the left and the navigation and various options available such as the Security Status, Scan PC, Quarantine, Logs, and Configuration tabs. You can scan your PC with four scanning options: Quick, Smart, Deep, and Custom. Quick Scan is the fastest option but the most shallower, while the Deep Scan can take several hours.

If you select the scan that checks your cookies, the application will recommend you to close your Web browser. Custom mode lets you select the folder to be scanned, and also lets you exit the heuristic mode, tracking, cookies, and spyware scan. There is also a white list navigation (whitelist), where you can add folders or specific files.

Quarantine tab uses a spreadsheet-style layout to manage isolated files, and tab Setup has options for Context menu scans, Update behavior, and Permissions settings. Quarantine tab has a neat option to rescan quarantined objects after the update databases file.

Download A-Squared 4.5 Here

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