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FeedReader 2012 is a software that you can use to read, collect and manage syndicated web content (RSS), and displays it directly on the user's desktop. With FeedReader, you have instant access to easy to read all the news (news) that you need, without the occurrence of information overload. FeedReader automatically downloads updates from your favorite sites. This software can remove the need to monitor more than one web page on an ongoing menerur, while allowing you to identify and retrieve new articles quickly.

Interface which is owned by the FeedReader 2012 look simple and easy to use. Thus, all users can enjoy all the capabilities and advantages, without the need for specific technical expertise. Users can choose from a variety of display mode (view mode) - including the "River of News" view that popular - with just a click, can be grouped according to the source of the headline (source), date (date), or tag. FeedReader is also possible to add or subtract columns from the map.

With FeedReader, you can use the filtering feature is good news. All feed normal (normal feed) can be converted to "smart feed", then convert it back to normal quickly feed by specifying certain information to filter in or filter out. In addition, you also can improve the management and legibility feed by combining more than one stream of information into a feed.

FeedReader you can customize with ease (fully customizable), so you can customize it to fit the needs of your own information. Even so, FeedReader is a lightweight application, where the installation file itself has a size below 4 MB. When used, FeedReader will not spend your hard disk capacity or burden the computer's performance.

Most importantly, FeedReader 2012 is available to all users for free. No charge, no spyware, and no adware. Therefore, for those who are looking for ways to manage RSS feeds are convenient, lightweight and efficient, then you can use FeedReader. Given the nature of free, then it would not hurt for you to try out its capabilities.

Download FeedReader 2012 Here

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