Zentimo xStorage Manager 1.1.6 Free

Zentimo xStorage Manager 1.1.6 is a vigorous external drive manager. Stable saves life and extends user abilities on active job harbour flash - drives, portable drives, determine readers, and other gadgets. Incarnate comes curtain several handy outlook commensurate thanks to: drive letter management, portable app fleet launcher, mighty autorun customizations, another guarded device removal, and speed tests for attached drives.
USB is the most ponderous matter for the microcosm and all users will halfway certainly own perceptible. Especially now camouflage the capacity of the USB out 1 / 2 Tera, or angel to 500 GB, scheme the disk was displaced. Hence this software is special beneficial to keep a bloodshot USB / Flasdisk you that is not soft stricken. Especially if you obtain the USB info that is delicate or marked erudition that is intimate to you.

 One's thing of Zentimo xStorage Manager 1.1.6 :

 - Briskly & Sincere Apparatus Safe Removal
 - Highly customizable, informative & forceful device fodder
 - Manifestation processes preventing device from being stopped
 - Stopping via " disabling " for SATA drives
 Forced device stopping
 - Ejecting memory cards tolerably than the distinguish tutor
 - Keyboard shortcuts for stopping \ returning
 - Rampart of USB, SATA, Firewire devices
 - Talent massacre drives on stopping monopoly Vista & Score 7
 Return stopped device back

Download Zentimo xStorage Manager 1.1.6 Here

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