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Corel Aftershot Pro Multilingual is a fast, flexible photographic workflow that combines robust photo management, untouched nondestructive adjustments and full Unfinished processing. Shape your photos rule the catalogs or folders. Pride images briskly camouflage extensive metadata utensils that charter you search for camera settings, keywords, labels and fresh. Experiment and modify the images freely cover nondestructive adaption utensils and optimizations specifically salt away selective editing. Juicy chore apparent seeing albums, web pages or client second thought. Duck the post of Unprepared, assembly processing strengthy and incredible speed, AfterShot Pro is the professional photo fast.

Features of Corel Aftershot Pro Multilingual 

- Flexible management of images

Asset management Customizable: Unlike other workflow tools, Pro AfterShot not
do not force you to import your images into a catalog only to work with them. You
free to access the images in folders, on network or on
memory card. If you wish, you can create a catalog of Pro AfterShot, then take
advantage of powerful digital asset management tools to organize your
collection as it grows.

Quick Overview: Easily compare, filter and choose your best photos of each
number of similar shots.

Powerful search tools: Finding the right photo in a collection of hundreds or
rapidly with thousands of articles in AfterShot Pro tools. Add your own
searchable keywords, ratings, tags and labels. Or search by camera-written
data such as date, type of camera, settings, aperture and more.

- Forward, non-destructive editing

Strong adjustment: Are you ™ re shooting in RAW or JPEG, you can change the
Your photos using variety of customization tools, including plants,
Straighten, Highlight Recovery, Noise Removal, Color and more.

Multi-versioning editing: Easily make adjustments for multiple versions of your
Master images are almost endless ways to experiment with correction
selection and customizable presets, including Black & White, Cross Processing
and much more.

Selective editing: Apply the appropriate adjustment where you want them with a unique
Layers and the ability to isolate the area right area of ​​your photo to

Heal and Clone tool: Remove elements from a photo interfere with Heal and
Clone tool. Use Heal for minor elements such as dust or stains. Select the Clone
for larger problems that need to be covered by sampling other areas

Perfect Clear: quickly optimize your images perfectly Clear, Award
winning technology from Athentech Technologies Inc perfectly Cancel
automatically adjust the lighting for each pixel in the shot while maintaining
true color and zero clipping. It also eliminates abnormal and restore faded color

Creative enhancements: Dive into the world of creative photo editing with sending
Your image into Corel PaintShop Pro ® ™ X4 or other image editing program on
Windows ®, Mac OS ® or Linux ®. PaintShop Pro offers hundreds of photo-editing
pro-level features and effects to advanced image manipulation, photo
compositing and more.

Noise Ninja : Reduces noise while preserving detail with Noise Ninja by
PictureCode, Inc. ™ you will get natural-looking results without artifacts with

- High-speed output

Batch output: process images quickly according to a predefined output settings, as output to JPEG, PDF, making contact sheets or a standard print size and more. You can also change the settings Batch Batch or create your own custom process according to your workflow. Creating a web gallery: quickly create a web gallery for sharing photos online with friends, colleagues or clients. Choose from a variety of gallery styles to control how your photo will be displayed. Protecting your work: Use a batch to easily backup and archive your AfterShot Pro catalog.

Download Corel Aftershot Pro Multilingual Here

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