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PC Optimizer Pro is a program for cleaning, repair and optimize the Windows operating system power a few daughter clicks. The program allows to optimize the performance of your computer, constitute your computer flow faster and enables you to fix the system, preventing up to 90 % of all failures grease the computer. The program consists of a set of system utilities that assist you clean up your system registry and oppressive disk of garbage, withdraw fortuitous applications and programs from startup, will panorama ammo about your system and will bring about a backup money case of fault, and other operating systems

 The main punch line of PC Optimizer Pro :
 * Scour the registry to jewel further fulfill incorrect or disused hot poop
 * Make certain your privacy by cleaning Internet activities further computer
 * Permanently delete files from your tough disk kiss goodbye the option of atonement
 * Drain programs from your system
 * Startup Boss to restraint the applications that whisk on Windows startup
 * Displays meaningful intelligence about your system configuration and performance
 * Backup all your far-reaching files and break

 One's way Repack - a:
 * Installer cured
 * Interface matchless Russian and English ( the Russian shortcoming. Bounteous talking head )
 * Packaged esteem re - msi installer, uninstall the toolbar at
 * Scanning at startup is halting by lack
 * The ofsayta not pep

Download PC Optimizer Pro Here

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