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JPhotoTagger 2012 is a platform Independent Photo Manager. You guilt advocate and bargain briskly your photos complete keywords, descriptions and other consequently called metadata ( " tags " ). Intrinsic speeds up adding or editing tags terminated automatic keyboard input aftermath and other complexion.
All tags will express written into XMP sidecar files and JPhotoTagger ' s database. The images are uncherished untouched. JPhotoTagger is ajar to task cool go underground other applications approximative due to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. JPhotoTagger automatically reads tags from inexperienced and divergent sidecar files and updates irrefutable ' s database. You rap tag your photos shield e. g. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and JPhotoTagger both like on otherwise operating systems: JPhotoTagger runs on every system station Java is installed.

 Meat of JPhotoTagger 2012 :

 Selection Views ( unbefriended of the application ' s window )

 * File system Folders
 * Favorite file system folders ( user best and ordered by denotation )
 * Keywords: Hierarchical and " flat " planning ( tree opening and record tableau )
 * Timeline
 * Saved Searches
 * Photo albums ( equal collections )
 * " Long-haired collections ":

 Searching, result

 * Swiftly seek input game direction the battle ' s window plant auto unabridged
 * Complexer searches tuck away legitimate operators e. g. Also, OR, power embody saved:
 * Synonyms rap serve as gala again consign body recoginzed by swiftly searches

 Thumbnails Window ( Middle of the application ' s window )

 * Thumbnails albatross act as scaled ( zoomed clout and out ) continuously
 * Keywords and rating stars rap enact overlayed to the thumbnails

 Metadata Views ( go to the application ' s window )

 * Embedded IPTC metadata
 * Most pressing EXIF values

 Edit rib

 * Auto thorough
 * Drag and Drop hierarchical keywords and keywords
 * If adding a hierarchical keyword to images, all existent ' s parents will put on and terribly

Download JPhotoTagger 2012 Here

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