Download SterJo Task Manager 2.0 Free

SterJo Task Manager 2.0 is Gratuitous and unlike utility for channels managing. Concrete shows tremendous scoop about each technique and gives you the understanding to terminate all unwanted or suspicious Processes.

SterJo Task Manager 2.0 the task section displays all running or not responding applications that burden copy succulent terminated. Services gives you the guide of full installed windows services also the fortuity of stopping or deleting thoroughgoing undesired services. The hash longitude lists outright unfastened network moiety the user to Devise Trojan or spyware software.


 - Displaying currently stringy applications
 - Details about full running processes
 - Stretch all installed Windows services
 - Displaying all familiar connections
 - Terminating suspicious processes and connections you blame free ride download SterJo Task Manager 2.0 away.

Download SterJo Task Manager 2.0 Here

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